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PVC Window and Door Profile Production Line


PVC Window and Door Profile Production Line

The PVC window and door profile production line uses PVC or UPVC as raw material to produce various kinds of profiles for windows, doors or decoration. The extruder haul-off adopts frequency inverter for speed control, the whole line can realize stepless speed regulation; the vacuum calibration stand uses water cycling type closed vacuum system, equipped with centralized water supply and quick-change coupler, realize fast and easy change the different models of calibration mould; the calibration stand length can be 4m, 6m or 8m; the haul-off adopts belt type, guarantees stable production and the profile do not get deformed; the automatic lamination device guarantees are smooth surface of profiles; the cutting machine is synchronous system, guarantees the cutting section is smooth and no split after cutting. The complete production is energy saving, stable performance, high efficiency. The profiles from this line have advantages of good looking, strong to bear compression, good light stability and thermo stability, age-resistance, etc.

Technical Specifications

Extruder Model SJSZ55/110 SJSZ65/132 SJSZ80/156
Max. Width of Product 180 mm 240 mm 300 mm
Production Capacity 80-100 kg/h 180-240 kg/h 300-350 kg/h
Speed 0.6-6 m/min 3-3.5 m/min 4-5 m/min