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PVC Plastic Stone Profile Production Line


Water-proof banding PVC plastic stone profile production line

1. Working Process:

Mixer---Extruder---Mould---Vacuum Forming---Haul-off (optional)---Cutter --- Stacker--- Transfer printing machine

2. Parameters:

Model SJSZ-51 SJSZ-55 SJSZ-65
Master Power (KW) 18.5 30 37
Vacuum Pump  Power (KW) 4 5.5 7.5
Traction Speed (m/min) 0.5-12 0.5-10 0.5-6
Auxiliaries Power (KW) 54 71 85
Extrusion Capacity (kg/h) 120 150 250

3. Application of the PVC plastic stone profiles

The PVC stone-like profiles/bands are widely used on the special-shaped surface as decoration, such as the complex and abnormal surfaces of marble pillar, fireplaces, inside and outside of the spiral stairs, decoration stripe of the imitation jade; the door frame edges, the window edges, mirror edges, corner and skirting, and meet the various market requirement of the ancillary use to the high-end ceramics.

4. Features of the PVC artificial/imitation stone profiles:

*The artificial stone profiles is not stone, but the excellent processing crafts makes finished product have a natural marble texture and colors, and beautiful appearance, can rarely find the man-made trace.

*The imitation jade edge profiles are widely used to match the decoration styles of polished crystal tile, crystallized glass panel, full polish and imitation antique bricks, instantly promoted the taste of the space.

*The plastic stone profiles have the advantages of both the natural stone and the artificial marbles, no infiltration pollution, no cracks, no radiation, the textures of the plastic stone is comparable to the natural stone material after polishing and pressing treatment. The colorful design can match very well with the different decoration styles.

    Advantages   Disadvantages
  Stone   1)Nature Texture
  2)Absorbing UV
  3)Humidity Controlling
  4)High -strength
  1)Easy to be cracked
  2)Heavy weight                              
  3)Texture uneven 
  4)Uneasy to cut
  Plastic only   1)Lightweight
  2)Chemical Resistance
  3)Sound Attenuation
  3)Easy to aging4)not easy to be decomposition
  imitation stone wall panel (SPC)   1)Keep stone and plastic advantages.
  2)Change stone and plastic disadvantage to advantage.
  3)Composite a new kind of Eco-friendly materials with 
  special building materials Features.