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SJ Series New-type High Efficiency Single Screw Extruder


SJ Series New-type High Efficiency Single Screw Extruder

1.About Single Screw Extruder

SJ series new type high efficiency extruders is popular used to process various kinds of plastic material, such as PP, PE, PPR, PB, PS, PC, ABS, PMMA material to produce plastic pipe, sheet, plate, profile, etc. Special and unique design is available to when process different materials, which highly increases the production capacity and products quality.

2. Features of Single Screw Extruder:

The material of barrel and screw is 38CrMoALA, under nitridation and polish treatment, which is anti-wear and have long service life; the gear and shaft are high-strength alloy steel, under nitridation and tooth grinding treatment; adopt large thrust bearing for high torque output; the unique feeding mouth design has perfect water cooling system; The barrels have grooves feeding bottom, highly enhance the feeding function to guarantee a high-yielding extrusion. Meanwhile, the low-temperature plasticization design concept ensures a high quality extruding product.

The automatic PLC human-machine operation system can work together with other auxiliary machines; the monitoring human-machine interface makes it easy to know the working state of machines

3. Technical Parameters:

Model XQ SJ-30 XQ SJ-45 XQ SJ-65 XQ SJ-90 XQ SJ-120 XQ SJ-150 XQ SJ-165
Drive power (kw) 2.2 7.5~15 15~45 30~110 90~185 110~250 185~315
Screw diameter (mm) 30 45 65 90 120 150 165
Screw L/D Ratio 25 25~30 25~30 25~33 25~34 25~36 32~36
Screw rotation speed r/min 50 73 90 90 90 80 80
Extrusion capacity kg/h 8~12 15~30 45~120 80~350 250~550 350~700 550~1000