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Pipe Belling Machine


UPVC Pipe Belling Machine

1. Introduction of UPVC Pipe Belling Machine

SGK series automatic belling machine is to expand PVC Plastic Pipes, includes models SGK16-50 double pipe automatic belling machine, SGK50-250, SGK110-315, SGK160-400 and SGK315-630 full automatic belling machines, 50-250 semi-automatic belling machine. The belling machines can be used independently and on-line with the extrusion line; the share of belling is R shape and straight type. It can expand water supply and drainage pipes of a variety of specifications from 0.6Mpa to 1.6Mpa, after belling, the pipes are cooled by a powerful air or water, makes sure the belling pipe does not easily get deformed. The whole electrical Mitsubishi PLC, Taiwan Willen touch screen control, production process without human interference.

2. Technical Parameters:

Pipe diameter   Φ50-Φ630
System working presser: 4-6.3Mpa
Hydraulic oil 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil
Max. heating temperature   300(℃)
Compressed air 0.4-0.6Mpa
Cooling water presser   0.2-0.3Mpa
PLC  FX1n-60MR
Photo electricity sensor Autonics
Heating pipe  Stainless steel heat sink
Belling mould 40Gr nitriding and hard chrome plating