we have always been committed to the research and development of plastic machines, i.e.

machines for plastic pipes, profiles, boards, sheets, and WPC products, especially focus on the PP, PC hollow profile production lines, the PVC, WPC foamed board production lines

Moulds for Plastic Pipe and Sheet


1. Moulds for Plastic Pipe and Sheet

Our company is capable to design and manufacture all kinds of the pipe moulds and die on our own technology strength. Mould diameter: ф 20-800mm. Water supply or drainage pipe mould, co-extrusion pipe mould, structure: basket type, spiral type or bracket; different plastic material uses different structure design.

Mould characteristics:
1. Flows speed of melt reach to the anticipant mechanics and hot uniformity.
2. Need not core mold bracket, eliminate the flow veins happened in production, guarantee the smooth surface of pipes.
3. Little pressure consumption, high yielding, the production capacity reaches 80% of extruding capacity.
4. Tight structure, reasonable connection and convenient replacing.
5. Manufactured by high-quality molding steel.

2. Mould for plastic sheet and board

Our company supply various plastic board and sheet moulds, such as PP, PC hollow sheet mould, PP, PE, PS, PVC,PET, ABS sheet and board mould; the mould material is 5CrNiMo special mould steel, or imported steal. All surfaces are hard chrome-plated. Use 12.9 high-strength bolts as fasteners, premium and durable stainless steel heating bars for each heat zone separately to reach accuracy controlling.