we have always been committed to the research and development of plastic machines, i.e.

machines for plastic pipes, profiles, boards, sheets, and WPC products, especially focus on the PP, PC hollow profile production lines, the PVC, WPC foamed board production lines

Plastic Pulverizer/Grinder


Plastic Pulverizer/Milling Machine

The plastic pulverizer is used to make the recycled PVC, PE material into powder to use again; it can also make the plastic power for rotomolding processing, such as LLDPE material.

The pulverizer’s main engine and the overall structure adopt the foreign advanced technology. The 6-10mm plastic raw material or crushed material can be grinded to powder in the high-speed operation of the mill through the vibrating feeder. The fineness of the powder, particle size distribution and the fluidity can be regulated by adjusting the gap of grinding disc.

The complete set of pulverizer is equipped with automatic temperature control, vibrating screen, and automatic feed device.

After the proof from the practice factory, the unit can maintain the target in the side of physics and chemical features when adding 20% to 30% power. So the pulverizer is good choice for plastic factory to solve the waste plastic and save the cost.